Triple decker sandwich made with jam ad cream cheese

Triple Decker with Raspberry Jam and Cream Cheese with grape wheels

These are perfect for picnics and quick and easy lunches!

  • Penny Loaf Traditional White pack
  • 3 tbsp (approx 40g) Raspberry Jam
  • 60g Cream Cheese
  • 6 blueberries or small grapes 
  • 6 cocktails sticks
  • Slice each loaf horizontally into quarters. Spread the first slice of loaf with a scant tbsp of cream cheese, the next with a tbsp of jam and the third with another tbsp of cream cheese. Repeat for each loaf.
  • Next layer the slices back into a mini-loaf making sure to top with the lovely dome of the loaf. Slice the grapes or blueberries in half and attach to the base layer of your Decker with half a cocktail stick for wheels !

Tip: for a Birthday Party treat substitute Buttercream Icing for the Cream Cheese and add a flourish of Sprinkles.

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Table with plates and bowls full of Penny Loaves

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