A bread basket with a selection of penny loaves

Why frozen bread is the future
and what the benefits are

Penny for your thoughts: Do you feel like you’re always buying fresh bread, but then it goes stale before you can eat it? How often do you buy “fresh” bread and bring it home and freeze it?

Did you know…

Most of the “fresh” bread you buy in your local store is a minimum of half a day to 1 full day old? This means that it’s been sitting around on shelves or in trucks for hours before it reaches you.

Frozen bread is the future when it comes to sustainability and Penny Loaf’s are the solution!

WHY?: Because they are flash frozen within a couple of hours of coming out of the oven meaning you have GUARANTEED FRESHNESS at your fingertips as and when you need it!

Unique Shape & Size:


Visually appealing – SUPER CUTE!

Simply Thaw & Serve:

ZERO WASTE – 3-4 day defrosted shelf-life (only defrost what’s needed)

SAVE TIME – Improve efficiencies and labour costs (No need to bake off)

Highly VERSATILE – just look at the many ways they can be enjoyed:

Mini Sandwiches
Kids Lunchboxes
Dinner Parties
Elevenses Snack
Soup & Salad accompaniment
Slice for canapes
Dice for croutons
Serve whole for platters/meal accompaniments (Soups & Salads)
Halve for mini sandwiches
Bread Baskets
Afternoon Teas
Table with plates and bowls full of Penny Loaves

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Check out our product page to find out information on the nutritional benefits of each individual loaf.

Our mission is to create a better future by providing you with quality frozen breads that are made with natural ingredients that are carefully sourced through our Irish suppliers.

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