Convenient, consistent and the easy solution to reducing your bread waste!

Our mission is to create a better future by providing you with quality frozen breads that are made with natural ingredients that are carefully sourced through our Irish suppliers.

The Penny Loaf was created in the heart of Ireland by 4th generation, family run business O’Donohues Bakery. Originally created for the foodservice industry, it is now available to everyone!

Understanding the needs of today’s consumer, O’Donohues realised the demand for a freshly frozen bread product to help households reduce their bread waste, but also to meet the needs of portion control and convenience.

“The Penny Loafs”, are a variety of authentic, award winning mini (45-65g) Irish Soda breads that are made to age old family recipes using premium, natural ingredients. They are fully baked, and blast frozen on site within 3 hours of coming out of the oven, guaranteeing quality and freshness upon thaw and they act as a fresh bread product once thawed, lasting up to 4 days in your kitchen cupboard.

Be inspired in our recipes section and discover all the delicious ways Penny Loafs can be your go to bread solution.

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Cathal from Penny Loaf

About Cathal

Cathal O’Donohue is a 3rd generation master baker from Co. Mayo who came to Tullamore back in 1989 with his wife Frances and 4 children to pursue his dream of opening his own bakery. Having sold their house and other possessions to pursue this dream, Cathal and Frances bought what was McGlinchey’s bakery on William Street in Tullamore.

1st April 1989, O’Donohues started to manufacture and supply O’Donohues Bread with a total of 3 staff: Cathal O’Donohue, his wife Frances and 1 other baker. Today, the bakery is located in a 26,000 sq.ft manufacturing facility in Kilcruttin Centre and employs a hardworking dedicated team of 31 staff. Cathal continues to work on NPD and finding new ways to diversify with the ever-changing consumer trends and lifestyles, thus resulting in the creation of The Penny Loaf.

Cathal Says: “There are no short cuts taken when it comes to producing our products. We continuously dedicate the required amount of “TIME” it takes to achieve each products full flavour”
Cathal O’Donohue, Managing Director

The Penny Loaf

The Penny Loaf was originally created for the hospitality and foodservice sector. They are ideal for hotels, restaurants, catering companies and delis and Chefs love them! Not only because they are high quality and guarantee consistency but because there is no baking required thus helping businesses save on labour costs and time.

“The Penny Loafs are fantastic, versatile products that are consistently perfect every time and as it’s thaw-serve it cuts out needless wastage, I use only what I need”
Niall Kavanagh, Head Chef @The Brewery Tap,
Tullamore, Co.Offaly.

The Penny Loaf bakery team

B2B – Foodservice & Retail

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The Penny Loaves were created and are manufactured by family craft bakers, O’Donohue’s Bakery of Tullamore, Co. Offaly who have verified sustainability commitments and are Grade ‘AA’ BRC accredited.

The entire range is available in formats suitable for both Retail and Foodservice

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