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Originally created for the hospitality and foodservice sector, Penny Loafs are ideal for hotels, restaurants, catering companies and delis and Chefs love them!…

Not only because they are high quality and guarantee consistency but because there is no baking required thus helping businesses save on labour costs and time.

Available through distributors across the UK and Ireland you can find out Where to Buy »

“The Penny Loafs are fantastic, versatile products that are consistently perfect every time and as it’s thaw-serve it cuts out needless wastage, I use only what I need”
Niall Kavanagh,
Head Chef @The Brewery Tap, Tullamore, Co.Offaly.

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Two hands holding Penny Loaf dough on a floured board

Our Story

Hardworking dedicated team

1st April 1989, O’Donohues started to manufacture and supply O’Donohues Bread with a total of 3 staff: Cathal O’Donohue, his wife Frances and 1 other baker. Today, the bakery is located in a 26,000 sq.ft manufacturing facility in Kilcruttin Centre and employs a hardworking dedicated team of 31 staff.

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