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The joys of frozen bread

The Sustainable Choice

How often do you buy “fresh” bread and bring it home and freeze it?

DID YOU KNOW… most of the “fresh” bread you buy in your local store is a minimum of half a day to 1 full day old? Find out more about the Penny Loaves and why frozen bread is the future when it comes to sustainability.

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Snacks the kids will devour!

Come home to empty school lunch boxes with Penny Loaf based snacks and treats.

Great for the lunch box or a snack at home to compliment healthy options.

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The Penny Loaves were created and are manufactured by family craft bakers, O’Donohue’s Bakery of Tullamore, Co. Offaly who have verified sustainability commitments and are Grade ‘AA’ BRC accredited.

The entire range is available in formats suitable for both Retail and Foodservice

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